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Q: What do these and most rechargeable cordless devices used everyday have in common?

For easy-to-follow instructions click on one of the pictures below on how to upgrade your device with a Battrx® battery rebuild kit:

18V Dewalt drill batteries Roomba 500 battery4.8V Dust Buster

Shark upright vacuum Segway, electric scooters

RC car battery

A: Sub C Batteries!

The Sub C batteries that power these cordless devices are all able to be rebuilt with our Battrx® battery rebuild kits. Kits are sold in various sizes, strengths and chemistries. The price of a complete kit with all of the tools necessary to rebuild/upgrade starts as low as $24.95.

DeWalt XRP 2100 mAh Rechargeable Sub C

FACT: Heat destroys batteries.

FACT:Electronic soldering requires temperatures above 600ºF.

FACT:Internal battery temperatures of 160ºF can and will cause Thermal Runaway--you've seen it; leaking, distended batteries that ruin whatever they touch.

CONCLUSION: Soldering requires heat + Heat destroys batteries. = DO NOT SOLDER YOUR RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES.

EXPLANATION: Most rechargeable battery rebuild products use solder which will damage your battery. But Battrx® uses 100% mechanical connectors for battery pack rebuilds and battery pack replacement.

The Battrx® system is an easy battery fix to rebuild your rechargeable batteries on site. Rebuilding battery packs with Battrx® batteries is an inexpensive, green way to rebuild or upgrade. Battrx® batteries are high current, high-drain-- Battrx® technology and engineering is cutting-edge and completely unique.

Battrx® standard 2.1A batteries are safe and hold a charge up to 35% longer than the 1.6A battery kit than your original batteries. DIY on site or at home. It's faster (and better for the environment) than battery rebuild services which require slow, expensive shipping.

The NiMH 3.2A are not only 2x as powerful as standard 1.6 units but last longer than LION units. No need to throw away perfectly usable tools to achieve Lithium's power and longevity.

Is the NiCd battery that came in your cordless power device dying? The OEM batteries in your product are standard quality; Battrx® replacement batteries are high drain, high-amp, premium batteries.

Rechargeable Sub C battery prices have skyrocketed. Save 60% or more on comparable battery pack sizes with Battrx® : the rechargeable battery repair, power tool battery rebuild, rechargeable sub c battery replacement specialists. Visit our rechargeable battery repair store and chose from our Sub C NiCad Batteries or our top of the line Sub C NiMH Batteries both with longevity equal to a lithium ion battery. The Battrx® Rechargeable Battery Repair Store has not only lowest prices on solderless power tool battery rebuild/upgrade kits and accessories, but the easy-to-follow "How To" section will show you how to install and use the Battrx® System.