Sub C Rechargeable Battery Rebuild Kits


Determining which Battrx cell type you need...

Battrx batteries come in 2 different sizes and 3 varying chemistries (NiCad, NiMH, Li-ion - coming soon!)

Use the simple chart below to determine which battery chemistry and size is appropriate for you.



(use the images below if you do not have an easy-open battery. But don't worry--when you get your rebuild kit you will receive the tool (the torx wrench) that you need to open your hard-to-open case)

(1) If you cannot open your battery case without the torx wrench, then you cannot know whether to get 4/5 size or full-size. Image 1 will give you an idea of how to measure your battery case in order to know which size you need. The yellow cells are full-size, the white 4/5. You can see that the full-size battery case is 2" tall at the base, while the 4/5 size case is 1.5" tall at the base.

(2) However, if you CAN open your cell before you order, image (2) will help with this with your screwdriver.


Step 2) Read more about the quality of our Sub C NiCad and Sub C NiMH products.


Step 3) Now, visit the Online Battrx Store and buy Sub C batteries!

Step 4) Once you have received your battery you can follow the simple instructions provided in your rechargeable battery repair kit on how to rebuild your rechargeable Sub C batteries. Instructions are also available online, below.


Click here for instructions on how to rebuild your device's battery!


Or, click here for a print-friendly version of the rebuild instructions!