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Why Battrx is safer.

DeWalt 18 v NiCad powertool battery price comparision chart.

Why Battrx is better! :

WARNING: Soldering is bad for your battery Battrx isnt!

Here is a tip for when you are shopping for the best rechargeable battery for your portable battery pack: Search each online battery store by pressing CTRL+f on your keyboard and typing the word "solder". If the words "solder", "solderable", or "solderable tabs" show up at all in the item description, run/click away from their product: the high temperatures required for soldering will ruin any battery. Battrx DOES NOT solder the tabs onto your battery (see below). This is what makes Battrx better and unique.



100 mechanical connectors, no soldering required, safe, practical, battrx

Battrx Utilizes 100% Mechanical Connectors, No Heat & No Solder



Instead of soldering individual battery cells Battrx uses solid nickle mechanical connectors. Compare our factory-installed mechanical connectors with ANY replacement cells on the market.






rechargeable C battery pack for your portable power device