Metabo cordless power tool kits and angle grinders are seen everywhere on job sites and in industry. Like all cordless power tools the batteries will all too soon lose power and wear out. Why go back to the OEM provided amperage and costs when you can upgrade to either 2.1A NiCd or a LIon equivalent 3.2A NiMH. Don’t replace your existing tools accessories and chargers to get the longevity of LIon when a simple upgrade to NiMH will provide the power and run time asked for by on the job professionals. BATTRX’S complete upgrade kits will not just improve your productivity but our patented NO HEAT NO SOLDER mechanical connectors will save both time and money.

The Full-Size, 1 5/8″ high cells comprise about 80% of the market. We also have 4/5 size, 1 1/4″ high cells which accounts for the remaining 20%. Click on the gray buttons with the voltage you are need for to view the kits.

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