Discontinued Black & Decker Style Batteries

Whether your favorite tool is an old style 7.2 V Firestorm or a newer 18 – 36 V Weedwacker/Hedge trimmer the increase in power and longevity of run time you will experience is nothing short of remarkable. The old ever dwindling 1.5 Amp OEM battery can be easily updated to a +++ one third more powerful 2.1A dynamo. Don’t just curse when your battery dies halfway through the yard work and far away from the charger. With that extra third in reserve finish and relax. At home in the workshop or on site Battrx allows you to safely upgrade your present system with No Heat and No Solder.

The Full-Size, 1 5/8″ high cells comprise 80% of a given market. We also have 4/5 size, 1 1/4″ high cells. Click on the gray buttons with the voltage you are looking for to view the kits.

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Proudly assembled, stocked and shipped in the USA for unparalleled customer service. Email: sales@battrx.com or call 267-221-7375 for Assistance