Battrx 24V NiCad Rechargeable Battery Repair Kit

Battrx 24V NiCad 2100 MAH Sub C Rechargeable Battery Repair Kit with Milspec Connections

Product Code: Battrx-24V-NiCad-MILSPEC 2100mah



Each BATTRX 24V NiCad pod style Rechargeable Sub C Battery Repair Kit has everything needed to upgrade your dead or dying underpowered OEM 1.6 Amp rechargeable NiCad battery to a 30%++ more powerful 2.1 Amp powerhouse, with output equal to or greater than LIon. Rebuild your rechargeable battery on site, in your workshop or at home using no heat or solder with Battrx® mechanical connections, you save time, money and your sanity. Illustrated instructions included!

Pod style batteries are simply two or more individual battery cases either connected to the same buss bar ( connector) or interconnected between the pods and then to the contact. They each contain 5 pairs producing 24 total volts.

Included in every BATTRX 24V NiCad Rechargeable Battery Repair Kit are the following:

  • 10 pairs high-drain, premium quality batteries (two pair with wire take-offs).
  • 2 pieces of non-conductive fish paper (1 pc. 3.5″ x 5″ in)
  • 2 type 201 solid nickel wire-and-terminal connectors
  • 10 type 201 solid nickel ring connectors
  • 1 type 201 solid nickel extended ring connector for mast connections
  • 1 T-10 tamper-proof Torx wrench
  • 1 set of illustrated instructions


Watch Our Instructional Video On How To Rebuild Your Battery:


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