Battrx Sub C Contractor Packs – Rebuild Ten 18V NiMH Battery Packsff


Tired of walking past bucket after bucket of worn out batteries? At $100 each they are too expensive and time consuming to recycle. Hoping someone comes up with an easy inexpensive solution? Well here it is, for less than $45 per battery you can get them back in the field, in daily use. where they belong. Each contractor pack has everything you need to upgrade your tools to a whopping 2.1 AMPS. Each contractor pack contains the following

60 pair (120 total) 2.1A NiMH cells
30 single 2.1A NiMH cells
100 Milspec ring connectors
24 Milspec wire and terminal connectors
10 Milspec extended ring connectors
20 sheets insulating fish paper
1 #10 tamperproof torx wrench

Watch Our Instructional Video On How To Rebuild Your Battery:

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