Rebuild Your Rechargeable Batteries with Battrx

No Heat, No Solder

Battrx is pleased to announce the addition of D, C & AA sizes to our Signature Sub C MILSPEC locking Rebuild Kits and Acccessories.
NiCAD Rechargeable Batteries

NiCAD Rchargeable Batteries

Rechargeable Batteries


Rechargeable Batteries

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Rechargeable Batteries


Battery Rebuild Kit
Battery Rebuild Kit
Battery Rebuild Kit
Battery Rebuild Kit

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About Our Product

Battrx gives you everything needed to repair your weak rechargeable batteries to new strengths. Rebuild NiCad and NiMH batteries with no solder or special tools involved at 1/3 the cost

Battery Kits allow you to rebuild your rechargeable sub C batteries without the use of heat or solder, they utilize new star tab technology.

No Heat

No Solder

100% Mechanical Connections





Rebuild Batteries
Assembled in USA

Assembled in USA

Proudly assembled, stocked and shipped in the USA for unparalleled customer service

Why is the Battrx® battery rebuild
service different and easier?

Most other battery rebuild services use the solder tab option to rebuild rechargeable batteries. However, the amount of heat required for soldering is actually damaging the internal chemistry of the battery. Battrx® has engineered and manufactured premium quality batteries with tabs that are built in to the design–not soldered in as a second thought. Therefore, our batteries remain intact and are high-drain, high-current.

Also, some battery rebuild services requires that you send your battery pack to them, which takes about 4-7 days. Then it takes them some more time to rebuild your battery. Then it takes another 4-7 days for them to ship it back to you. That adds up to about 3 weeks time without your battery! Our system, on the other hand, does not require any back and forth shipping (which is bad for the environment, anyway) because you fix your battery YOURSELF, using our tools and simple-to-understand DIY instructions.

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Rebuilding a battery sounds complicated. However, when you use the Battrx® DIY battery rebuild kit it becomes a quite simple process. You can DIY on site. Below, our battery experts answer some FAQ’s about the Battrx® system, which is truly one-of-a-kind and is quite different from most other rebuild services that use solder tab options. If there is something that you need More Clarifications, Just ask our battery experts.


Our Nickel Cadmium batteries are 2100 MAH and our Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are 3200 MAh.

100% mechanical connections BUILT IN at manufacture.

No Heat, No Solder

Rechargeable battery rebuilding end to end

Parallel in Series

Extended Ring Connector

Cell To Cell

Wire tab to Cell

Wire tab to Cell Animation

Tab stud to Cell

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Proudly assembled, stocked and shipped in the USA for unparalleled customer service. Email: or call 267-221-7375 for Assistance