Determining which Battrx cell type you need…

Battrx batteries come in 2 different sizes and 3 varying chemistries
Use the simple chart below to determine which battery chemistry and size is appropriate for you.


(use the images below if you do not have an easy-open battery. But don’t worry–when you get your rebuild kit you will receive the tool (the torx wrench) that you need to open your hard-to-open case)

(1) If you cannot open your battery case without the torx wrench, then you cannot know whether to get 4/5 size or full-size. Image 1 will give you an idea of how to measure your battery case in order to know which size you need. The yellow cells are full-size, the white 4/5. You can see that the full-size battery case is 2″ tall at the base, while the 4/5 size case is 1.5″ tall at the base.

(2) However, if you CAN open your cell before you order, image (2) will help with this

with your screwdriver.




Step 2 > Read more about the quality of our Sub C NiCad and Sub C NiMH products.

Step 3 > Now, visit the Online Battrx Store and buy Sub C batteries!


Step 4 > Once you have received your battery you can follow the simple instructions provided in your rechargeable battery repair kit on how to rebuild your rechargeable Sub C batteries. Instructions are also available online, below.

Click here for instructions on how to rebuild your device’s battery >>


click here for a print-friendly version of the rebuild instructions >>

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