pre wired cells

What a great idea.
- Oscar Hanson from Smith

contractor kit

Bought a kit a couple of months ago and just finished rebuilding my 8th in the contractor pack. Got rid of one bucket of old batteries and got them in the field where they belong.
- Marx xxxllup from Pxxxxx,


I use my tools everyday and went through 19.2v batteries quickly.The set I put in has outlasted all my new batteries. I am upgrading to the higher amps models and expect the same results.
- edwin westheaffer from United States

dewalt kit

Went together as instructed and works fine. Thanks
- Lxx Nxxxxxxxx from United States

NiCd Contractor Pack

One of my customers came in bragging about his tools whih were now, according to him running stronger than ever. He told me about Barrtx and I've never looked back. These kits allowed me to be in the rebuild business without a large initial outlay' They always ship in a day and there's never a backorder.I'm a customer for life.
- Mxxxx Mxxxxxxxxx from Cxxxxxxxxxxx

Sears Craftsman

This is my second purchase and I am very happy with the first one.
- Mxx Xxxxxxa from Oxxxxxxn, IN United States

SnapOn Impact gun

Great product recommended by a friend. I owe him a beer
- exxell Gaxxord from oklxxoma city, OK United States


Can't find nimh for my snap on impacts anywhere but here and will not use anything else
- William Exxett from Yuba City, CA United States


third time i bought from you guys and have not seen anything to equal your product.
- Maria Bxxxxges from Miami, FL United States

snapon upgrade

Went with the upgraded nimh for my impact and am very happy with the results. highly recomended
- William mxxxxnis from Stxxxey, NC United States

Long lasting-Best buy

With a proper good working charger and following the recommended methods of charging of these batteries they have lasted four years and still going. I use BatterRX batteries in my portable power tools every day in the HVAC business and got twice the life from these batteries compared to the OEM batteries.
- Albert Givens from Bellaire, OH United States

18 V NiMH

Great product! I would strongly advise anyone using their tools on a daily basis as we do upgrade to the NiMH. Worth their weight in gold.
- rxxxx Xxxxxxy from Seattle, WA United States

snapon nimh kit

My Snapon guy recommended this kit to replace a discontinued model of theirs. Glad he did they work great and saved a good bit of money.
- dxxxx txxxxx from Xxxxxx, MT United States


Opted for the NiMH and am glad I did. Really worth the extra $$$.
- Bxxx Dxxxxk from St Peter, MN United States

Discontinued Battery

Looked high and low for a discontinued Skil battery. These people had it in stock and shipped it out the next day.
- lxxxx sxxxxx from Hxxxxy Pxxxxx, CA United States

36 V Black and Decker

Just like you said the battery was separated into 3 sections and each one was easy. Thanks for the help.
- Lxxxx Txxxxx from Rxxxxx, SD United States

SnapOn 18V Kit

Love it. Couldn't get replacements and found your site. Heck of a product
- Dxxxx Gxxxxxx from Exxxxx Cxxx, MD United States

Ridgid 18V kit

In keeping with my philosophy of always trying to reduce my carbon footprint I tried one of your kits. Great idea! It was pretty easy and much less expensive. I'll definitely go this route in the future.
- AlxxxCxxxxxx from Pxxxxxx, AZ United States


Nice product. Easy to use and very economical. Do you have repair facilities set up if not please contact me
- Bxxxx Mxxx from Lxx Axxxxx, CA United States

Great Product

Great product and video. Please expand your line to different sizes and styles. No doubt more people such as me need the AA size.
- Anonymous Person from St Cxxxxxxx, CA United States

Obsolete SnapOn

Glad to see I now have an alternative to buying new tools again. Everything works but the batteries and now I know where to get them. Thanks again
- Anonymous Person from San Antonio, TX United States

Obsolete SnapOn

Glad to see I now have an alternative to buying new tools again. Everything works but the batteries and now I know where to get them. Thanks again
- Anonymous Person from San Antonio, TX United States

discontinued batteries

I searched high and wide for discontinued SnapOn batteries. Your site popped up and not only can I get what I was originally looking for but the other batteries in my recycle bucket are getting redone even as we speak. Keep up the good work.
- Axxxx Wxxxxxx from Mxxxxxxxxx, VT United States

NiMh replacement upgrade

Took the gentleman's suggestion on the phone and am glad I did. The difference in longevity is remarkable. The top of my to do list is to find my old bucket of batteries , make a list and replace them. Highly recommended on all fronts.
- Gxxx Mxxxxx from Provo , UT United States

Discontinuede batteries

I know nothing lasts forever but we should be able to get batteries for our tools for as long as the tool lasts. Great service from your company being able to supply all these discontinued batteries for perfectly good tools. Great job
- Jxxxxx Bxxxxxxr from Cxxxxxxx, CA United States

NiMh kit

Wish these had been around for the last 50 batteries I wasted my money on. Keep up the good work
- Cxxxxx Cxxxxxxx from Mxxxx Oxxxx, TN United States

Advice from a stranger

I was complaining to the counterman at the supply house about the replacement battery being unavailable. The guy behind me said if the tool works here's a company that has kits to repair it for half the cost. Long story short the first one worked so well here's an order for the remaining batteries. Your service is certainly appreciated. Jxx Sxxxxxx Sxxx Vxxxxxx Ca US
- Jxx Sxxxxxx from Simi Vxxxxxx, CA United States

Great Results

I've tried and failed at the soldering routine. Not only was it extremely cumbersome but the solder separated from the battery while in use. Never again. This system will be in use worldwide IMHO. Thanks for making it easy to DIY.
- JXX Sxxx from Cxxxxx Hxxx, CO United States

SnapOn 24V

Thanks for all your help. I saved over $130 and got more power to boot. I will certainly recommend this to my friends.
- lxxxxr Mcxxxxx from Sxxxxxxx, NY United States


Searched all over for replacement batteries for my perfectly good Weedwacker. Battrx not only had them in sock but they are considerably stronger than the original. Would I buy again? Absolutely. Would I recommend them? That's why I'm taking the time to write this review.
- Dxxx Sxxx from Sxxxxxxx, CA United States

Recommendation from a friend

Battrx came recommended highly by a close friend. He is usually not lavish with praise but really liked these kits. This is my second order and will praise them as lavishly as he does. Lots of bang for the buck. Count me in as a fan.
- Jxxx Gxxxxxxxx from Poixx Gxxxxxxx MD United States

Discontinued SnapOn

Thanks for helping me out with the discontinued batteries. I believe that in many cases they're just trying to sell new tools. Great to know there's alternatives. It is appreciated
- Fxxxxx Sxxxxx from Bxxxxxxx, IL United States

Customer Service

Prompt,local and friendly answers to my questions regarding amperage and size. A quality seldom found in today's call center business models.
- Stxxx Cxxrs from Mxxxxx, NY United States

Milwaukee rebuild

Thanks for the walk through on my rebuild. The drill works great and I've already recommended it to a few coworkers. Thanks again
- Rxxxk Nxxxxn from Bxxxxxx, MN United States


Gave a couple of 18V kits a try with more than satisfactory results. This order is for NiMH. If they work anything like the Nicads you have a customer for life.
- Jxxxxs Kxxxxx from Bxxxx Xxxxxxg, NY United States

customer service

when batteries came I realized I ordered wrong ones - called them and they helped me order the right kit. I would recommend and order again.
- Anonymous Person from Scranton, PA United States

Rebuild Set

I followed video instructions and had no problem. Working real good.
- Anonymous Person from Norfolk, VA United States


Installed batteries in my Dewalt and it's up and running.
- Anonymous Person from Salem, MA United States

battery kit

good product. will order from again.
- Tanya Matthews


:3 today , i rebuilded 3 of my festool Nicd battery , succesfully :3 :3 good product 5 stars
- Marco from Moundville, AL United States

Snapon drill

They wanted over $200 for a new battery and I rebuilt mine for $40. No more new batteries. I will recommend to anyone who wants more for their money.
- Pexxx xxxata from Dxxxs, TX United States


second order to convert the rest of the batteries.appreciate the lesson on the NiMh . they're installed and working better than I could have imagined.
- dxxxxx xxxxxis from mxxxxxxxxxx , MI United States

18V Weedwacker

It used to take 3 charges on my old battery to weedwack a South Texas acre. One Nimh still has plenty of guts when I'm done. Consider this my two thumbs up and hurry with the rest.
- Gxxx Xxxxxs from xxxxxxx City, Tx United States


great alternative to paying $200 for a new battery for my greenlee crimper. Never again.
- Kxxxxxxx xxxxxxd from Pittsburgh Pa United States


Snapon could not even supply any replacements. I upgraded to NiMh for $60 and am very happy with the quality.
- Sxxxe Mxxxxxk from XXXXX, SC United States

18V kit

first sets really lasted. Now for the extras
- Anonymous Person from , Columbia Mi

Repair kit

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was and will never go back to the supply house to buy batteries again.
- Gexxxe Trexxxx from Fxxxxxxx Gxxx, WV United States

going strong

I never write to these things but I just picked up my toolbag for a repair job and realized that it was about a year and a half since these were installed and they work great. I had told myself that If they lasted a year I would reorder more and rebuild the rest of my batteries. These worked so well I forgot till now. Please accept my appreciation and feel free to use these comments.
- Dxxg Sxxxxxxy from Mixxxxxxl, NE United States

product quality

reordered twice and will continue to buy and recommend to all.
- Anonymous Person from WXXXXXa, MN United States

18v dewalt

- joxxxx Gxxxxxo from Coram, NY United States

upgraded Sears

Went with the NiMh and am glad I did. well worth the upcharge.
- JXX XXXXa from JXXXXXXXe, NY United States

obsolete batteries

I'm about halfway through a bucketful of dead batteries and these kits work great. There is a learning curve but it's doable.Tell me when you have lithium.
- MXXXX XXXXXN from Lxxxxxxxr, CA United States


Don't usually recommend things to friends. It can come back on you but I did with these and my friends are as happy with them as I am so keep up the good job.
- Mxxx Hxxxxxxxxx from Sxxxxxxx, MO United States

Jaws of Life

Great product!! I've tested your batteries for a year and was pleasantly surprised. Please find order for 6 additional 24V kits as we are changing all batteries over to yours. I will admit my skeptical nature almost kept me from giving them a try but hey we can all learn. Thanks again.
- Name witheld from SXXXXXX, NE United States

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