The industry standard in professional commercial construction and maintenance products. Everything powered by batteries will wear out and be replaced. Included in each Ridgid 18 Volt NiCad rechargeable battery repair kit is everything necessary to upgrade your dead or dying underpowered 1 A battery to a 30% more powerful 1.2 Amp powerhouse. Printed, illustrated instructions allow you to rebuild your rechargeable battery on site, in the workshop or at home using neither heat nor solder and the ever present possibility/probability of explosion and fire. Battrx’s exclusive mechanical connections are easy and safe to use. Save money, time and your sanity by using genuine Battrx products.The Full-Size, 1 5/8″ high cells comprise about 80% of the market. We also have 4/5 size, 1 1/4″ high cells which accounts for the remaining 20%. Click on the gray buttons with the voltage you are need for to view the kits.

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Proudly assembled, stocked and shipped in the USA for unparalleled customer service. Email: sales@battrx.com or call 267-221-7375 for Assistance