Snap On

What professional mechanic doesn’t have a work chest full of snapon tools.The productivity engendered by their myriad and specialized uses allow quick work of the problem areas most mere mortals fear to tackle. Even with the snapon quality assurances the batteries will wear out and need replacement or upgrading to our 3.2A Pro series. Snap On Battery Repair Kits contain everything needed to upgrade all your weak and dying OEM 1.5 A batteries to powerful 2.1 A workhorses. Your no heat no solder upgrade can be done on the job, in your workshop or at home using only everyday hand tools. Remember it’s your money, time and sanity so keep them with genuine Battrx products.

The Full-Size, 1 5/8″ high cells comprise about 80% of the market. We also have 4/5 size, 1 1/4″ high cells which accounts for the remaining 20%. Click on the gray buttons with the voltage you are need for to view the kits.

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